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Bahamas Summer Boating Fling/Flotilla

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For travelers with a heart for heading out onto the high seas, there’s no trip like a trip to Bahamas when setting a course for a tropical paradise. Pristine coastline, rich blue waters and an abundance of exotic marine life make a trip this direction well worth the effort. When it’s time to raise the sails in the name of a Bahamian adventure, there’s no reason to go it alone. Instead, take part in one of the most well-loved island traditions by registering for a trip on one of many Bahamas summer boating flings and flotillas.

A Gulf Stream Adventure

Where road-trippers take to the highways for cross-country adventures, sailors from near and far register for their spot on the Bahamas summer boating fling and flotilla when they’re looking for a chance to make their way across the water in good company. Throughout the months of June and July, boating flings are organized for 30 vessels at a time to make their way towards the Bahamas while following behind a lead boat in what inevitably becomes a water road trip to the islands. It may be just as exciting to see these boats depart all together as it is to be a part of the boating fling!

Fling and Flotilla Facts

Those looking for where to go in Bahamas and want to participate in the Bahamas summer boating fling and flotilla can register online with The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism for a fee of $75.00. All boating flings depart on Thursdays from the Bahia Mar Yachting Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with a mandatory captain’s meeting hosted the Wednesday before departure. This highly-popular event fills up fast and participants are encouraged to register online as early as possible. Docking space is offered up on a first come, first serve basis meaning it’s worth the time and effort to arrive early. While all boat-types are welcome to the flotilla, there is a requirement that vessels be 22-feet in length at a minimum to participate. This Gulf Stream crossing is a time-honored tradition and gives sailors a chance to work alongside others in their community with a passion for heading out into the big blue.

Sail Away and Stay On Your Trip to Bahamas

Whether you’re participating in the boating fling or simply excited to see the vessels sail towards the shoreline, make sure you’re booked into a beautiful and nearby vacation rental during your Bahamas stay. The team at Island Real Estate is dedicated to customer satisfaction by making sure each and every property is suited to guest taste and style when you’re looking for where to go in Bahamas. Contact us today to begin planning your next island paradise trip and to book one of our Bahamas villas!

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