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Twin Sisters Beach

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Twin Sisters Beach is a small, beautiful beach nestled near the famous Glass Window Bridge on Eleuthera, renowned for its gorgeous views, easy access, and iconic twin boulders in the middle of the clear Caribbean waters. For more details on Twin Sisters Beach and why you should add it to your list of beaches to check out during your vacation, read on below!

What to Know Before You Go to Twin Sisters Beach

Before you head to Twin Sisters Beach, there are a few hints to keep in mind to help make the most out of your trip.

Twin Sisters Beach is most famous for its fantastic swimming, snorkeling, and shell collecting atmosphere. Shaded by casuarina trees, this beach is a lovely place to spend the day.

Being located on the Caribbean side of Eleuthera, Twin Sisters Beach in Eleuthera enjoys clear, calm, and tranquil waters that make it a great place to go for a swim. The water is relatively shallow, with soft white sands on the bottom once you swim out past the rocks at the shoreline.

A little further out, near the two boulders (the Twin Sisters, from which the beach gets its name), there’s some incredible snorkeling conditions to be enjoyed. Additionally, there are groups of rocks to the north and south of the beach that offer terrific snorkeling as well.

Finally, Twin Sisters Beach is home to some of the best seashells on Eleuthera. For the most optimal shade and lighting, visit during the morning. Not only will the ambiance be enjoyable, but you’ll also spot shells easier.

Recreation and Sightseeing Close to Twin Sisters Beach

As we mentioned earlier, Twin Sisters Beach in Eleuthera is located very close by Glass Window Bridge. Touted as the narrowest bridge in the world, Glass Window Bridge spans just 30 feet across, connecting the northern and southern portions of Eleuthera and exposing visitors to a jaw dropping view of where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. Exercise extreme caution when you visit this locale, however; the waves are known to be unpredictable, even sweeping cars out to sea on occasion.

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