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Gaulding Cay Beach

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Gaulding Cay Beach is renowned for its picturesque white sands and crystalline waters. Additionally, it also has the benefit of being located close by our Eleuthera vacation rentals. Read on below to learn more about what makes Gaulding Cay Beach in Eleuthera such a special place to visit during your vacation on Eleuthera!

Planning Your Visit to Gaulding Cay Beach

Make the most out of your experience on Gaulding Cay Beach by keeping a few important notes in mind, which we’ve outlined below.

Gaulding Cay Beach is a beautiful place for sunbathing, snorkeling, and swimming. You’ll encounter Gaulding Cay Beach north of central Eleuthera. The water here is known for being so clear that you can see all types of fish and rays.

Just offshore from Gaulding Cay Beach in Eleuthera is Gaulding Cay, the small island from which the beach got its name. While the beach at Gaulding Cay Beach is divine, making the walk—yes, that’s right; at low tide, walking or swimming to Gaulding Cay is easily feasible—to Gaulding Cay is worth the experience of feeling like you’re on your own private island in the Bahamas.

Nearby Activities and Attractions

The sightseeing and recreation you’ll encounter close to Gaulding Cay Beach is diverse in range, so if you’re in Harbour Island, things to do here a lot! Like visiting Gaulding Cay Beach!

Gaulding Cay Beach in Eleuthera is also located just 3 miles from Gregory Town, and just across the road from Daddy Joe’s Restaurant, which you’ll spot in one of the two yellow apartments.

Eleuthera’s iconic Glass Window Bridge is close by. Known as one of the narrowest bridges on Earth at just 30 feet wide, this incredible attraction is one of the only places in the world where you can witness both the churning, dark blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the calm turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea from one vantage point. It is also the only land connecting the northern and southern ends of the island, strung together by a single paved road.

If you plan on visiting the Glass Window Bridge, use extreme caution, as the waves and cliffs here are dangerous and can sweep visitors and even vehicles out to sea.

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Our team of reservation agents can tell you all about Gaulding Cay Beach and other notable attractions on Eleuthera when you contact us today and book your accommodations in one of our wonderful vacation rental properties!

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