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Beach Safety Tips in the Bahamas

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In an exotic destination like the Bahamas, the lure of the sand and surf is impossible to ignore. However, like any place in nature, the beach and the ocean still have their dangers. To help you get the most out of your stay, we’ve put together a guide about Beach Safety in the Bahamas!

Stay Safe and Have a Great Time

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than having to deal with an emergency situation. At Island Real Estate, we want you and your guests to have the best vacation experience possible; the last thing we want is for you to be put in a scary or unfortunate situation. With this in mind, we’ve incorporated our local beach safety knowledge into a few handy tips in this guide about beach safety in the Bahamas.

What to Know about Beach Safety in the Bahamas

During the popular winter season, the water can be colder than normal. Wear a wetsuit to keep warm.

Additionally, some of the most popular beaches on our islands have strong currents, such as rip currents, that can catch you by surprise. Only swim within the marked boundaries to avoid getting pulled out to sea, and pay attention to the flags on the beach. If you’re traveling with children, only swim on beaches with green flags, indicating that the water is extremely safe for swimming. If you see a red flag, do not swim in the water.

Finally, the islands of Eleuthera and Harbour Island are famous for their clear waters and their myriad of marine wildlife. Sharks, barracudas, and sting rays are a common sight on our islands, and while most of the marine wildlife who share the ocean with us have no interest in doing us harm, they can be attracted to the scent of raw fish or a bleeding cut.

Watch out for cuts as you traverse our famously beautiful coral, which is abundant in the region, and do not go into the water with raw fish. Do not panic if you see a shark or barracuda nearby, and don’t be afraid to hire a local guide when exploring the island.

The Wonders of the Bahamas Await with Island Real Estate!

Our reservation specialists can give you helpful hints and tips for staying safe and enjoying your vacation in the Bahamas to the fullest when you call or email today and book your accommodations in one of our fabulous vacation rental properties!

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