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Bahamas Wildlife Guide

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Because of our location along both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the islands of Eleuthera and Harbour Island enjoy the unique opportunity for a diverse range of wildlife sightings depending on the season and location. To help you get the most out of your wildlife watching experience on the Out Islands, we’ve put together this handy Bahamas Guide about Bahamas wildlife in Harbour Island Beach below.

The Diversity of the Bahamas Wildlife of Harbour Island Beach

The melding of the waters from the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean put Harbour Island and Eleuthera in an extraordinary position for Bahamas wildlife sightings.

Commonly seen in the waters around our islands are sharks, barracuda, and sting rays. Nurse sharks are the most common, found in shallow waters all around the island. Manatees, frogfish, angelfish, dolphins, bonefish, blind cave fish, spotted eagle rays, snapper, whales, and more can also be seen in the water.

Sea turtles are also extremely common on Eleuthera. Out of the seven species of sea turtle in the world, four of them call Eleuthera home, maintaining a fragile habitat of coral reefs, shallow coastal areas, the open ocean, and mangrove forests.

On land, there are nearly 13 different species of native amphibians and reptiles that have been catalogued, including iguanas, snakes, geckos, lizards, and frogs. Birds are diverse, ranging from flamingoes and parrots to barn owls and ducks. Wild pigs are known to swim among the Out Islands, bats can be found in sea caves, and indigenous rodents known as Hutias may be seen. Cicadas, crickets, and sandflies can also be found here. There are also feral raccoons and donkeys. There are definitely a diverse amount of Bahamas wildlife in Harbour Island Beach to see!

Where to Go to Spot Different Species

Seasonally, different locations around our islands are best suited for seeing certain species of Bahamas widlife.

Sea turtles can be seen while snorkeling amongst the coral reefs or on a trip to Turtle Lake, a 43 acre saltwater lake lined with mangroves. Here, you can paddleboard, kayak, or canoe your way around the lake to see the turtles.

Fish are abundant within the waters around Eleuthera. Species such as rockfish, angelfish, yellowtail snappers, grouper, triggerfish, and more can be seen while scuba diving or snorkeling around Eleuthera’s reefs.

Sea stars, sand dollars, conchs, crabs, and crawfish are all common around Eleuthera and Harbour Island. While conchs, crawfish, and crabs are a common staple in the Bahamian diet, sea stars and sand dollars should not be disturbed. Twin Sisters Beach is famous for their myriad of sand dollars. All these locations and Bahamas wildlife in this Bahamas guide is only one click away!

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