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Bahamas Surfing Guide

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The Caribbean isn’t well known for its surfing, but the Out Island of Eleuthera has a hidden secret: fantastic surfing conditions on Atlantic side of the island. Learn more about how to get the best surfing experience out of your vacation in the following Bahamas surfing guide by reading on below!

Our Bahamas Surfing Spots May Surprise You

The Caribbean Sea is famous for its serene, calm waters, teeming with all kinds of vibrant tropical life. That’s why snorkeling is among the top activities you can enjoy on Eleuthera. However, unlike many places in the Caribbean, Eleuthera enjoys some of the world’s best surfing—without the crowds you’ll encounter in locales like California. Surfers come here to experience incredible winter surfing, warmer water than most any other surfing spot, and the feeling of seclusion and privacy that comes with having the beach and the water practically all to yourself.

What to Know Before You Go

Good planning prior to your Bahamas surfing trip will help you make the most out of your time on the water.

Surfer’s Beach is aptly named, being one of our island’s most renowned locations for surfing. Watch out for rock reef, the dumping shorebreak, and the boneyard. Locals can point out the boneyard for you.

Eleuthera enjoys some of the most powerful and reliable surf in all of the Bahamas surf spots due to its boomerang shape (which maximizes the swell window at nearly 180 degrees) and its location right along the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the east. Here, you can partake in a diverse range of beach, reef, and point breaks.

Eleuthera’s greatest surfing season begins in October and lasts through April, when winds switch offshore as a result of strong cold fronts coming from the east coast of the United States.

Be sure to pack both a regular shortboard and a longer board for the steeper waves that Eleuthera has to offer. In Gregory Town on Eleuthera, Rebecca’s Beach Shop provides board rentals for as little as $15.00 per day. Local shop owner Peter has a wealth of information about surfing on Eleuthera.

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Call or email our team of reservation specialists for more insight into the wonderful recreation you can enjoy during your time in the Bahamas, from surfing and snorkeling to shopping and dining, when you reserve your lodgings in one of our lovely vacation rentals today!

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