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Bahamas Beach Rules and Guidelines

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On Eleuthera and Harbour Island, our beaches are world famous for being pristine havens, our pink and white sands practically untouched by civilization. To keep our beaches in fantastic condition and to make sure that every visitor gets to experience the best of our beaches, there are a few rules and guidelines in place. We’ve outlined Bahamas beach rules and guidelines below, as well as why it’s important to follow them.

Beach Fun for Everyone

Keeping our beaches in great condition is in everyone’s best interest, from locals to visitors. Doing your part as a visitor ensures that our beaches remain as beautiful as ever for the next time you return to visit.

Important Bahamas information To Know

As you plan out your beach days on our islands, there are several Bahamas beach rules and guidelines to keep in mind as well as some Bahamas information to know.

Eleuthera is home to as many as 13 different catalogued species of native reptiles and amphibians, of which three are endangered. Also on the island is a 25 acre nature preserve, the Leon Levy Native Plant Reserve. Due to the delicate nature of the ecosystem here, we ask that visitors never feed the animals they may encounter, such as iguanas. When in the water, do not panic if you see a stingray, shark, or barracuda. Unless you have a bleeding cut or raw fish, these animals are generally not interested in humans. Use caution anyway.

Additionally, there are a number of restrictions on fishing to pay attention to. You’ll need a fishing permit, and there are limits to the amount of scale fish, conch, crawfish, migratory fish, grouper, and rockfish. Spearfishing is only allowed with the use of a Hawaiian sling and while free diving; otherwise, it is banned within 200 yards of any island. Additionally, taking coral, sea fans, or tropical fish is illegal. It’s also illegal for non Bahamian residents to use fishing nets or traps (other than a cast net) or to sell marine products. Traditional fishing with a hook or lure and a pole, rod, or reel, is allowed. It’s forbidden to take anything from the Bahamas National Underwater Parks.

Finally, remember to keep our islands beautiful by picking up after yourself and your guests, so that you and other visitors can return and enjoy these beaches in the future.

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