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If you are looking for a location for your next tropical island getaway, consider booking a trip to Eleuthera Island. This tropical paradise in the Bahamas is known for its miles of soft sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and colorful coral reefs. The island has plenty of fun ways to spend your days, from laying out on the beach to exploring the area’s natural wonders, such as the popular Queens Bath. And if you’re in wondering around Eleuthera, Bahamas for things to do, then you have to definitely give this place a visit!

About Queens Bath in Eleuthera

Queens Bath, also known as the Hot Tubs, is a set of natural pools located just over half a mile south of Glass Window Bridge on the Atlantic side of the island. These natural pools were formed by centuries of waves crashing and eroding away at the rock. During high tide, waves crash over the rocks filling the pools with water and small sea life. During low tide, the sun warms up the water in these pools making them as warm as bath water. The best time to explore Queens Bath in Eleuthera is during low tide. You can crawl around on the rocks and wade in the pools while you watch the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. You are also able to observe aquatic wildlife up close in the pools. The tides bring in a variety of sea life including sea urchins and small fish. There is no designated path leading down to the pools, so younger children may need help getting down to the rocks. Make sure to wear water shoes or tennis shoes when you visit the rocks, as they can be sharp. The access point is located off of Qn’s Highway. The well-marked stone entrance is just south of the Glass Window Bridge. There’s a lot of fun activities here, and if you’re searching around Eleuthera, Bahamas or things to do, then you have to check out the Queens Bath!

Planning Your Stay

If you are looking for accommodation on Eleuthera Island, consider booking one of our vacation rentals. We offer several rentals in Whale Point Cove. The secluded cove offers plenty of serenity and privacy for your relaxing vacation. All of our homes have views of the ocean and access to the beach. Many of them also have outdoor seating areas with hammocks and fire pits. The inside of each home is open and airy with large windows overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. All of our homes are decorated using tropical island decor. Each rental home also has a full-size kitchen with all the appliances you need to cook a dinner for your family and friends. For more information on our vacation homes, please contact one of our rental specialists.