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For many travelers, heading to the Bahamas is the ideal getaway destination for enjoying time with a large group of family and friends. The scenery, sun, sand, and amazing weather combine to create just the right atmosphere for having a blast with those you love most. However, the beauty and tranquility the Bahamas can offer up also make it well-suited for those that are looking to enjoy a more isolated stay. Whether you’re looking for off-the-beaten-path fun in the name of social distancing, or simply prefer to explore solo, consider adding these isolated Bahamas things to do on Harbour Island and Eleuthera to your itinerary and upcoming trip.

Visit the Leon Levy Native Plant Reserve

Situated on Banks Road in central Eleuthera, a trip to the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve is designed to inspire the senses and immerse guests in the peace and beauty of nature. Flora and Fauna abound in this piece of protected land and taking time to wander through offers up a sense of unspoiled wonder. Take the trails that wind by mangrove wetlands, display beds, and even a waterfall while you’re here!

Enjoy Bird Watching on Eleuthera

Eleuthera may not be the largest piece of the Bahamas archipelago, but it offers of a wide variety of species to be enjoyed for those that have a passion for bird watching. Whether you’re taking to the sand or sticking to the trails, be sure to pack your binoculars for an afternoon of fun and keep your eyes open for everything from the Mockingbird and Antillean Bullfinch to the Bananaquit or black-faced grassquit.

Grab a Drink at Rock House

Nestled into the corner of Bay and Hill Street on Harbour Island, Rock House is one of the most well-loved and savory destinations around. Fortunately, it’s amazing view and incredible selection of dishes means that the atmosphere is decidedly elegant and customized—perfect for the traveler looking for a tranquil and isolated evening out. Make a reservation and let the team at Rock House Know you’d like a patio table in the corner to take in the view in style or simply swing by for a savory drink before moving onto other evening activities.

Unwind in Island Style with Bahamas Stuff to Do

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