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Summer is the time to step out of the daily grind and into a getaway experience that promises fun, relaxation, and rejuvenation in equal parts. For those travelers looking for a destination where it’s possible to enjoy delicious seclusion immersed in tropical beauty, there’s no place better than Harbour Island. This charming piece of the greater Bahamian archipelago is bound to inspire with its pink sand beaches, turquoise waves, and quaint shops and restaurants where the flavor and fun remain large. Enjoy every moment of your summer escape to Harbour Island by adding these intriguing Harbour Island things to do to your must-do list.

Snorkel with Valentine’s Dive Center

The waters that surround Harbour Island are undeniably as scenic as the landscape of the island itself. Those that love to snorkel or are hoping to learn how will want to be sure to spend some quality time at Valentine’s Dive Center during a summer visit. This destination offers diving lessons and certification alongside a lineup of guided underwater adventures that put you up close with spectacular plant and marine life along the way.

Bike Along the Beach

The beaches that make up Harbour Island are both pristine and thrilling. When you’re looking to do more than savor the sights from a beach chair, hit the Harbour Island sands and pathways on two wheels. Renting a bike on Harbour Island is a breeze thanks to companies like Michael’s Cycles. Here, guests can rent everything from bikes to golf carts to get around the island in simple style. Hoping to follow up your bike ride with time on the water? Michael’s Cycles also rents a variety of boats and kayaks by the day.

Shop The Sugar Mill on Harbour Island

A little bit (or perhaps more) of time dedicated to shopping is generally a highlight of any getaway and a summer escape to Harbour Island is no exception to the rule. Head over to The Sugar Mill on Harbour Island when you’re in the mood to browse an eclectic and stunning collection of goods ranging from custom beach toys for kids to fine jewelry for adults. Pick up the perfect item for yourself to commemorate your trip or enjoy shopping for souvenirs for loved ones back home.

Savor Your Sunny Bahamas Getaway

Enjoy the very best of the Bahamas and make sure you have the accommodations to match by contacting Island Real Estate today. We’re here to make sure each of our guests enjoys a personalized stay complete with the luxury, quality, and comfort you deserve.

The Bahamas is a beautiful and dynamic escape for travelers from near and far. Whether you’re passionate about snorkeling, beach-hopping, dining or shopping, the Bahamas is a destination where you can truly enjoy the best of it all. Those craving sunshine, sand, and sun might be finding it hard to resist the urge to travel during these unprecedented times of restrictions in the name of health and wellness. As you take the necessary precautions to keep yourself and those around you safe, consider checking out some of these online resources that are not only fun, but will keep you feeling connected to the Bahamas until travel takes top priority again!

Virtual Tour of Atlantis

Atlantis is one of the most iconic destinations in all of the Bahamas, and when you can’t make your way here to enjoy time at the many restaurants, casinos or pools, simply enjoy a virtual tour of this infamous locale! This interactive and 3D tour takes virtual visitors on a stroll through the casinos 850 slots, 80 game tables and through the 100,000 square feet of space dedicated to fun. Take your time and enjoy a crowd-free experience at Atlantis from the comfort of your own home.

Port Nassau Webcam

Transport yourself to Port Nassau without ever walking out the front door when you log onto the Port Nassau webcam hosted by PTZtv. This 24/7 streaming cam is generally used for those who enjoy tracking the weather or watching the cruise ships roll in. However, in these unusually quiet times, it’s a wonderful tool for savoring the sights you’ve come to love uninterrupted! The palm trees, sand, and waves are yours for the enjoying day and night with this one-of-a-kind resource that can be accessed from your own home.

Artistic Inspiration

A highlight for many visitors to the Bahamas is the chance to indulge their artistic inspirations with a visit to the iconic National Art Gallery of the Bahamas. As of March 20, 2020, the gallery is closed to the general public until further notice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spark your creative intuition using a digital platform to guide the way. Logging onto the gallery’s website allows virtual guests to enjoy browsing through featured works of art from current, past and upcoming exhibitions with ease.

Until We Meet Again

At Island Real Estate, we’re passionate about the customers we serve and dedicated to creating customized experiences for all who make their way to the Bahamas. While we understand the importance of staying home in our world’s current crisis, we’re hopeful that soon, we’ll all be able to travel once more. When you do, we can’t wait to welcome you back to our piece of paradise. Contact us today with any questions you might have about properties on our site or future travel plans.