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We get that you really don’t need any extra reasons to visit our island paradise. Harbour Island is about as close to perfect as you can get, and that should be reason enough to plan your once in a lifetime getaway right here. And even though we all have heard the phrase less is more, sometimes more is just more! These upcoming events on Harbour Island are the more you get when you visit during these times, and we sincerely hope you enjoy your vacation!

Annual Hope Ball, March 2, 2019, Eleuthera

Sometimes it can be fun to do a good deed and attending the Annual Hope Ball is definitely one of those times! The Bahamas Cancer Society throws this elegant shindig every March, with the proceeds going to the fight for the cure. Offering live entertainment, delicious food, and a chance to show your support for all those suffering from this dreadful disease, you can email the Cancer Society for information on purchasing tickets.

Eleuthera All That Jazz, April 10-April 14

The best way to show your cool is by listening to hot jazz under the night sky! Eleuthera’s All That Jazz is a four-day event that showcases the best musicians in the Bahamas, as well as the talents of some of the world’s best artists. Previous year’s headliners include King Solomon, the Massimo Combo, and the lovely Myra Maud. And with proceeds benefitting tomorrow’s promising performers, this worthy event gives you the opportunity to do yet another good deed. Tickets will go on sale the end of February, so stay tuned for more information. It’s definitely one of the best upcoming events on Harbour Island to visit!

Fish Fry at Anchor Bay, Fridays and Valentine’s Farmers Market, Wednesdays

Sometimes it’s the smaller moments that bring the most excitement, and these two events that happen every week offer a true glimpse into real life in the Bahamas. The Valentine’s Farmers Market takes place every Wednesday and features more than just fruits and vegetables for sale—although there are plenty of those to be found as well! Offering live music, arts, and crafts created by talented Bahamian artists, and massages that will take the tension out of the tightest muscles, this is an event that you should plan your trip around! The Fish Fry is sponsored by the Governor’s Harbour Development Association and is held every Friday at Governor’s Harbour. Serving fish straight from the sea, this community event is a favorite of tourists and locals and should not be missed!

Choose Bahamas Real Estate to Experience The Upcoming Events on Harbour Island

All these events are special and fun, making them an excellent addition to an already outstanding vacation, but do you want to know what makes your Bahamas getaway even more wonderful? Staying in one of our Bahamas Real Estate luxury properties! Featuring elegance that doesn’t overwhelm, views that exhilarate, and an opportunity to be pampered and spoiled, our homes aren’t just the right choice—they are the ONLY choice. Reserve yours today!

The world under the sea is a magical one just waiting to be explored, and the easiest way is through snorkeling. No training is needed; you put on your mask and flippers, duck your head under the water, and float your way through the big blue enjoying the show. Some shows are better than others, of course, and during your stay in the Bahamas on Harbour Island you will discover the waters that surround us offer not just a really good show, but an extravaganza of showmanship. If you have never tried your hand at this water sport, the Bahamas is the best place to start. Here’s our guide to the best snorkeling on Harbour Island.

Tips for Beginners

As we stated earlier, snorkeling requires no training, but these tips will help you safely enjoy your first experience under the sea. Our first and what we consider most important tip is to let go of the fear: the fear of drowning, the fear of dangerous creatures, and the fear of being left behind. Let all the fears go; the bad stuff only happens in the movies! Avoid the cheap equipment when renting for your trip, practice before you enter the water (the shop where you rent will help you get comfortable with the equipment!) and stay relaxed. These next couple of hours are going to be some of the most exciting ones of your life, and when you stay calm, you’ll appreciate it more.

Best Snorkeling Conditions

The weather in the Bahamas is generally perfect year-round, but during storm season it is important to pay attention to the water conditions. If it’s looking a little stormy or the water is choppy, plan your snorkeling expedition for another day. The good weather always comes back and there’s plenty to keep you occupied in the meantime—even if it’s just taking a nap! Snorkeling from the beach is the safest and most common form of snorkeling here, but if you want to do some deep sea snorkeling, there are tour companies on the island that are willing to help.

Best Spots for Snorkeling on Harbour Island

To be honest, EVERY spot on Harbour Island is a good one for snorkeling, but there are some spots that are better than others, especially depending on what you’re interested in seeing. Three Fingers is a spot that is perfect for families snorkeling on Harbour Island with children, offering shallow corals and plenty of colorful fish for the littles to swim after. Man Island offers sea cucumbers and octopus, the Potato and Onion Wreck gives snorkelers an opportunity to explore a ship that sank in the 19thcentury, and finally, the Train Wreckallowssnorkelers to explore a train that fell off a ship all the way back in the Civil War!

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When it’s time to leave the sea, choosing Bahamas Real Estate for your vacation accommodations may be the best choice you’ve made all year. Our rentals are Comfortable, elegant, and so luxurious you won’t ever want to leave. Reserve yours today!