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Winter in the Bahamas is the best time of the year for getting out there and trying new things; the weather stays around a balmy 74 degrees with sunny skies and little rain. How can you not want to be outside doing new things when it’s this perfect? Of course, our piece of paradise is pretty close to perfect anytime you visit, but if you’re planning on a Winter in the Bahamas vacation this year, here is a guide to some fun things you might want to try during your Harbour Island winter escape!

Take a Peek of the Loyalist Cottage this Winter in the Bahamas

Located on Bay Street, this charming cottage was once the home to one of the original settlers of Harbour Island and its colorful exterior shines brighter in the winter sunshine. Built in 1797, its creamy white exterior is accented with dark teal shutters and its charm and appeal makes it the most frequently photographed home on the island. It’s not open to tourists, but just being able to see the exterior makes this local favorite a special treat during your stay.

Pink Beach Day

Every day is a great day at the beach on Harbour Island, but in the winter, you can really make your friends back home jealous when you visit our famous pink sand beach! Pack for a day of fun in the sun; beach blankets or chairs, a cooler of treats, and of course, don’t forget the sunscreen! The pink sand, created from the shells of tiny sea creatures that inhabit our waters, is a delight to see, but pink or even red skin from overexposure to the sun is not fun to experience!

Dive Deep

Winter in the Bahamas is the best time to try new things and with the warm waters lapping at our shores even in January, February or even March, why not try diving? Valentines Dive Center, located right here on Harbour Island offers certification, refresher classes, and of course, dive trips that will blow your mind. The beauty of the undersea world is destined to create a new obsession within you, and this dive center is happy to be the place that starts the fire!

Staying in and Playing

For many of us, vacation accommodations have only been a place to sleep at night, as we rush to start new adventures with the rising of the sun each day, but we think your winter Harbour Island escape should be different. Our Bahamas Real Estate vacation getaways offer luxury amenities and a lifestyle of elegance that would be a shame not to explore! Private pools, ocean views, and in many cases, private beaches meant for sun worshipping and relaxation; these are just a few of the wonders that you can expect from our homes. Reserve yours today and discover all the extras!

We like to believe there are two types of people in the world. The first type doesn’t feel alive unless they are out at the clubs, tasting the trendy drinks, dancing until the sun comes up, and drinking in the party atmosphere as if it were the nectar of the gods. The other type prefers the peace and quiet of yet another night at home and probably won’t be interested in what we are about to say; this guide is for those Harbour Island travelers seeking the party that won’t end, even after you make your way back home. Here is our guide to the Harbor Island nightlife!

Daddy D’s, Dunmore Street- Harbor Island Nightlife

From the outside, the average visitor would never realize the excitement that occurs nightly in Daddy D’s, one of the hottest nightclubs in the islands! Featuring colorful lights, beautiful people, and the beats that keep your toes tapping, every night on Harbour Island is special when you let your hair down at Daddy D’s! One of the newer party spots in paradise, it hasn’t taken long to become one of the most popular spots as well.

Gusty’s Bar, Bay Street

At a time when most people are contemplating hitting the sheets, in Harbour Island, it’s time for the party-loving crowd to come out and play and indulge the Harbor Island nightlife experience! If you visit Gusty’s any time before 10 pm, you really shouldn’t call yourself a partier! Featuring cold brews, hot dance music, and a sandy floor that serves to remind you that your stay in paradise just became a whole lot cooler, this club never says never when it comes to fun!

Seagrapes, Colebrook and Gibson Streets

As sunrise draws ever nearer, the party is just getting stronger, and Seagrapes is our favorite spot to end the night on a high note. Bahamian-style music played live every weekend sets the stage for an experience you won’t soon forget. Seagrapes is typically the spot to end your Harbour Island pub crawl, but it’s also a great place to start an evening of shenanigans. There’s no judgment here; they only ask that their guests have the time of their lives!

And the Party Continues, Even After Enjoying the Harbor Island Nightlife

Our less extroverted guests will have no trouble extolling the virtues of our Bahamas Real Estate vacation escapes. Offering a comfortable place to land after an exciting night on the town, our homes will make your Harbour Island nightlife experience an unforgettable one. Reserve yours today!