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Whenever we visit a new place, our favorite thing to do is to start out by purchasing a guidebook that tells us all the fun things to see and do in the place to which we are traveling. The hottest tourist attractions, the best places to eat, even the most charming boutiques can be found in these guides and we try to see and experience them all. But what these books can’t tell you is where the best spots for viewing a sunset are, or what special drink you should try, or even that a famous singer sang about a certain restaurant that you absolutely have to visit during your stay—and that’s where we come in with our list of things to do in the Bahamas won’t find in a guidebook during your stay in paradise!

Cheeseburgers, Anyone?

Although Harbour Island is famous for its seafood dishes, conch meals, in particular, everyone falls in love with the cheeseburgers offered at Ma Ruby’s on Colebrooke Street in Dunmore Town; Jimmy Buffet’s famous Cheeseburgers in Paradise is said to be written about this local favorite! Who would have thought that paradise could serve such amazing burgers?

Sip a Smash

A Goombay Smash, that is! Made of a variety of rums and juices, there’s a reason this special drink is the most ordered one on the island; just make sure you don’t have to drive anywhere after your sampling expedition! They go down really smooth and it’s only later that you begin to realize how much of a punch this sweet drink packs. The Rock House Restaurant on Bay Street in Dunmore Town is known for their skills at concocting this tropical beverage! Visiting this awesome place is one of our favorite things to do in the Bahamas!

Dancing at Daddy D’s Dunmore Street

Although our nightlife on Harbour Island mostly consists of moonlight strolls along the beach, if you feel the urge to let down your hair as you kick up your heels, Daddy D’s is the place for you! Located in the heart of the town, it’s also another great place to order a Goombay Smash when you need a little liquid courage to entice you out onto the dance floor!

One of the Best Things To Do In The Bahamas

To be honest, it’s difficult to find a bad spot in which to view a Harbour Island sunset, but if you’re interested in viewing it from the best spot, you won’t have far to walk. As a matter of fact, all you have to do is slide open the glass doors off your living room in your Bahamas Real Estate piece of vacation paradise and step outside to experience one of the best things to do in the Bahamas. Pour yourself a Goombay Smash (you can find the recipe all over the internet), grab your favorite traveling partner and wait for Mother Nature’s finest show to begin! Our homes are designed to give you the ultimate vacation experience; reserve yours today!

Throughout any given day on Harbour Island, you are constantly met with opportunities to see something beautiful or do something fun. Each day also begins with an opportunity to fuel up with some delicious food and coffee at any number of great local breakfast spots. You can find anything from the classic breakfasts that we love in the States to something uniquely Bahamian. The following are just a few of the best Harbour Island restaurants for a great Breakfast.

Arthur’s Bakery

This is a great place to get a slow start to the day while sipping on amazing coffee and some of the most traditional Bahamian baked goods. For breakfast, you might try going with one of their traditional tarts, which are made with local ingredients like Eleutheran pineapples and guavas. If you stop by here, you need to try the banana pancakes, which is made with a recipe that goes back generations. Find it on Dunmore Street just north of King Street. This is one of our favorite Harbour Island restaurants to visit!

Cocoa Coffee House

This is a great Harbour Island restaurant to stop for a coffee, a healthy breakfast, or just to enjoy the local ambiance. They proudly serve Starbucks coffee, and since it is the only spot on the island where you can find it, this is the perfect place for when you are craving a little taste of home. They are known for providing a wide variety of breakfast items. If you are looking for something light, perhaps one of their delicious smoothies will do the trick. For something sweet and fluffy, muffins and other baked goods are always a good option. The list goes on and on at this great spot on Bay Street in Dunmore Town.

Sweet Spot Café

This is typically the go-to spot for a healthy breakfast. Here, the vibrant flavors of Bahamian cuisine are on full display in amazing dishes like acai bowls, smoothies, avocado bagels, and so much more. With options for everybody, including some great vegan options, this is the perfect place for the whole family. Find this gem on Bay Street.

After Enjoying These Harbour Island Restaurants, Find the Perfect Place to End the Day

There are so many great places to start the day in Harbour Island, but even more amazing places to end the day. Of course, we are talking about the wonderful selection of vacation homes that call the island home. And there is only one place to go to find the very best that the island has to offer, and that is Bahamas Real Estate. Throughout our wide selection, you can find beachfront homes, homes on the Historic Harbour Front, within charming villages, and some of the other most sought-after Harbour Island destinations. Regardless of where the home sits, you can be sure it will be beautiful with plenty of floor space to spread out and relax or entertain company. High-end furniture provides a dose of luxurious relaxation while cozy beds and a full kitchen offer some comforts of home. Find the perfect place to spend your Harbour Island vacation by contacting us today!

It seems we are all very fond of the age-old Thanksgiving tradition of professionally feasting. But imagine the new life that this classic holiday would take for you if you spent it in a place as beautiful as Harbour Island in the Bahamas. Now instead of sitting around a fire wearing sweaters, you can soak up the sun on some of the prettiest beaches in the world. The following are the top three Harbour Island activities to keep the whole family entertained during a Thanksgiving trip to the area.

Explore the Beauty

Thanksgiving in the Bahamas allows you to add a few unique items to your list of traditional celebrations. The most notable of these involve amazing beaches. The three-mile stretch of pristine shoreline called Pink Sands Beach provides some of the most unique beauty you will ever experience. Relax on these unique sands or take advantage of crystal-clear water provided by barrier reefs by snorkeling. Your options for exploring this beauty are endless.

Find a Unique Shop for Bahamas Souvenirs

While you certainly do not need a tangible item in order to remember your time in the Bahamas, there are so many incredible shopping opportunities, that you can find a day of fun simply exploring the shops for Bahamas souvenirs. One of the coolest places that you cannot miss while you are here is A&A Hidden Treasures. You can find one of a kind items like awe-inspiring shells, straw products, and so much more. Find incredibly beautiful glass mobiles at Shine and catch up with the most unique fashion at Sugar Mill. Whether you are on a shopping spree or you just want to look around, you can be sure you will have an amazing shopping experience on Harbour Island.

Find Delicious Food on Thanksgiving Day

While Thanksgiving is not a Bahamian holiday, the community here loves nothing more than a good feast. As such, you have the opportunity to get an amazing Thanksgiving dinner at a variety of local restaurants. Of course, you can expect to find classic turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. But you can trade some of those sides for unique Bahamian options like conch fritters. Find one of the best Thanksgiving feasts at Malcolm 51 on Chapel Street in Dunmore Town. Click here to find out your favorite restaurants in the Bahamas!

Celebrate in a Beautiful Home

Thanks to countless amazing vacation rentals throughout the island, even moments spent relaxing fail to be dull moments. This is done effectively through beautifully designed homes with wide windows for enjoying your surroundings, spacious living rooms for gathering with friends, gourmet kitchens for preparing meals, and so much more. You can find fun as well as comfort provided by high-end beds, quality furniture, charming décor, and many other awesome features. You can be sure that homes offered by Island Real Estate provide all of the above plus a lot more to love. Contact us today to learn more about Harbour Island activities and to book your rental!