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National Heroes Day Holiday

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For those seeking a destination where natural beauty, culture, and creativity collide, there’s no place on the map quite like the Bahamas. This impressive and colorful collection of over 700 islands makes up an archipelago that’s as exciting to experience as it is rich in history. The story of the Bahamas is one of strength, resilience and a long fight against colonialism that began as early as the 1400s. Throughout history, the Bahamas has been home to incredible individuals who have contributed to the welfare, strength, and longevity of the island’s success through personal achievements and initiatives. While guests to the Bahamas will inevitably find this inviting destination filled with fun and excitement, if your travels happen to bring you here in October, make sure you’re around for National Heroes Day when Bahamians come together to celebrate those many people that have made the Bahamas what it is today.

A Transformed Holiday

National Heroes Day is celebrated the second Monday every October and in 2019, that falls on October 14th. National Heroes Day was previously known across the islands as both Discovery Day and Columbus Day but in 2013, an official decision was made to transform the holiday from a day focused on the discovery of the islands to a celebration of those who have made amazing impacts on the islands over time. For island locals, it is a day off from work and one that is often dedicated to spending precious time with family and friends, enjoying picnics on the many beaches and making the most of the day and evening hours together.

Honorable Activities

National Heroes Day and kicks off with the unveilings of a variety of civil-servant heroes that have been named for the year. These individuals come from a number of sectors and services, but all possess the common trait of generosity and accomplishment that has greatly benefited the Bahamas. At George Street in Nassau, the Prime Minister also delivers a keynote address on National Heroes Day to reaffirm commitment to the long-lasting prosperity of the Bahamas and to recognize those individuals who tirelessly work on behalf of the islands. While speeches and honors wrap up on the 14th, National Heroes Day often extends into a full week of fun, family-friendly activities across the Bahamas.

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