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Emancipation Day

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The Bahamas is a collection of islands that have long been well-loved for their otherworldly beauty, pristine shorelines and turquoise waters that are teeming with tropical marine life. Whether travelers are looking for a place to unwind, hoping for a getaway that comes with delicious dining opportunities or seeking a tropical escape unlike any other, the Bahamas has always delivered in style. But despite its unending beauty and appeal, the Bahamas is also a destination that comes with a rich and complex past. And one of the best ways to experience this past is through the bevy of Bahamas Holidays. Those with a passion for history will want to make sure to visit the islands over Monday, August 5, 2019 when Emancipation Day is celebrated.

A History of Struggle

The Bahamas has a past steeped in complicated struggles for freedom, independence and basic human rights. As European explorers set foot on these islands, a long battle of culture, race and rights to land and freedom began that would extend well into the 19th century. The terrible act of slavery began in the Bahamas in the mid-1600s as European settlers began to structure communities on the islands and enslaved local populations to work the land. Slavery was officially abolished throughout the British colonies in 1834, marking freedom for entire villages that had long been serving settlers in the name of forced labor. Today, this important step in the fight for freedom is celebrated on the first Monday in August across all the islands with Emancipation day Bahamas, and festivities are open to visitors and locals at no cost.

Celebrations and Bahamas Holidays Activities

Emancipation Day activities and celebrations are hosted across all the islands of the Bahamas, but former slave villages on New Providence are particularly interesting to visit with many meaningful dedications to the past. Beyond village highlights, visitors to the islands at this time will see many regattas, beach festivals and Junkanoo traditional dance parades. Feel free to stay on one island and witness the festivities or make plans to sail around and make the most of this single-day festival dedicated to hard-earned freedom on the islands.

Meaningful Travel

A trip to the Bahamas is made that much more meaningful when you come during Emancipation Day Bahamas. Connect with the history, struggle and culture of the islands by taking part in the festivities that celebrate progress. When you’re here, let the team at Island Real Estate make sure you’re booked into a beautiful vacation rental home. We’ll make sure your stay is comfortable, convenient and comes with an incredible view too! Contact us today to start planning your island trip.

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