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At Island Real Estate, we have over 30 years of appraisal experience and a deep knowledge of the local real estate industry, and national real estate trends.  Because of this, we are able to produce clear, concise reports in a timely manner.

Our appraisal services include, but are not limited to the following:

Residential Appraisals

We have extensive experience in Residential Appraisals.  Whether it’s an average home or a high end estate property, we are able to produce clear, concise reports in a timely manner.

Commercial Appraisals

From small retail outlets, apartment complexes, to Large Office Buildings, we can provide you with a fully comprehensive analysis and evaluation of your property.

Insurance Risk Valuations

This valuation is not an appraisal but is designed to give the client and the insurer an informed recommendation of the sum insured for the subject risk.

Risk Surveys(For Insurance Companies)

A risk survey is designed to give the insurer a general indication of the condition of the subject rusk.  This report is not a home inspection.

Home Inspections

Our Home Inspections are thorough and provide the Home Owner or Buyer with a clear report on the condition of the subject property and its’ systems.

Construction and Renovation Stage Reports

Our appraiser will visit your project to confirm the progress or stage of completion, and provide a report to you or your finance company so that an informed decision as to the disbursement of funds can be made.

Land Valuations

Vacant Land will be visited by our appraiser and a narrative report will be prepared using the appropriate principles of valuation.