General Questions

Where is Island Real Estate’s office located and what are your office hours?

Island Real Estate is located on Dunmore Street (across from Dilly Dally) and our office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

What time is check in? What time is check out?

Check in is any time AFTER 3 PM. Do not arrive early at your vacation rental; we need this time to prepare your vacation home for your stay. Check out is at 11 AM sharp. Again, we need this time to prepare the vacation rental for the next guest.

Can we have early check in? Or late departure?

That depends. During the height of the season, no; back to back rentals require a tight schedule from our crews. At other times we may be able to arrange something ahead of time with the housekeeper.

When does the housekeeper arrive?

Most house rentals include daily maid service (Monday through Saturday) and household laundry. Personal laundry and cooking are extra and may be arranged with the housekeeper.

Do I leave the housekeeper a tip?

It is customary to give $25 to $30 per person, per week gratuity to the housekeeper.

Getting Here

Transportation to Harbour Island

Harbour Island is serviced by the North Eleuthera, Bahamas airport (Airport Code: ELH). One can fly directly to North Eleuthera from Miami, Fort Lauderdale or Nassau by frequent air commuter or charter services. The “fast ferry” from Nassau departs daily to Harbour Island as well. One can also fly into Governor’s Harbour Airport but the cab ride to North Eleuthera (for the water taxi to Harbour Island) is an hour.

From North Eleuthera a three minute cab ride to Three Island Dock ($5 per person) followed by a five minute water taxi (also $5 a person) brings you to the government dock on Harbour Island.

Flights from Miami/Ft. Lauderdale To North Eleuthera (ELH)

Flight time – 1 hour and 15 minutes
United Airlines (800.231.0856)
US Airways (800.428.4322)
American Airlines (242) 335-2058
Bahamasair (242) 335-1152


Fly The Whale (513) 616-0020

Flights from Nassau to North Eleuthera

Flight time – 20 minutes
Southern Air (242) 323-7217 / 323-6833
Bahamas Air 800.222.4262
Pineapple Air 242.335.2081
North Eleuthera Airport is a Port of Entry for private flights with a 4,500 foot runway with no tower or fuel.

Ferry from Nassau to Harbour Island

The Bahamas Fast Ferry is a passenger ship that travels regularly from Nassau to Harbour Island. See (242.323.2166) for more information.

Tips for traveling from New York City

Jet Blue and Delta offer flights to and from Nassau. United and American have regularly scheduled flights out of Newark and LaGuardia, to Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Nassau.

Tips for traveling from London, England

British Airways offers regular flights from Heathrow to Nassau. Bahamas Air (800.222.4262) and Southern Air (242-3237217/323-6833) offer convenient connecting flights to North Eleuthera.

Customs Information

A valid passport is required for everyone traveling to The Bahamas.

Arriving on Harbour Island

Once you arrive at the government dock on Harbour Island there will be taxis on the dock that can take you to your vacation house.

Banking and Currency

Is there a bank on the island?

Yes, there is one bank with an ATM on the Island. The Royal Bank of Canada is located on Dunmore Street and the telephone number is(242) 333-2250.

Which currency is used in The Bahamas?

The Bahamian dollar is on par with the United States dollar and the currencies are used interchangeably in The Bahamas.

Golf Carts

Where can I rent a golf cart?

The preferred mode of transportation on Harbour Island is via golf cart. Here is a list of the rental companies and their phone numbers:

Johnson’s Rentals – 333-2376
Briland on the Go – 333-2573
Sunshine Rentals – 333-2509
No Limit Rentals – 333-2281
Dunmore Rentals – 333-2372
Michael’s Cycles – 333-2384
Ross’s Rentals – 333-2122
Daybreak Rentals – 333-2491

Dining and Groceries

Can you recommend a restaurant?

There are many restaurants on the island that offer everything from fine dining to casual takeout. The following is a list of names and numbers for your convenience. Reservations are recommended for the finer restaurants, especially during the busier weeks of Christmas, New Year’s Eve, March break and Easter week.

Fine Dining
The Landing – 333-2707
Coral Sands – 333-2350
The Dunmore – 333-2200
Pink Sands – 333-2030
Aqua Pazza – 333-3240
Runaway Hill – 333-2150
Rock House – 333-2053
Ocean View – 333-2376
Sip Sip (lunch only) – 333-3316

Casual Dining
Da Vine Wine & Sushi Bar – 333-2950
Sunsets at Ramora Bay – 333-2325
Valentine’s Resort – 333-2142
Angela’s Starfish – 333-2253
Dunmore Deli – 333-2644
Avery’s Bahamian – 333-3126
Joy’s Dock Shack – 333-2542
Queen Conch Stank – 333-2243
Bayside Café – 333-2174
Harry O’s – 333-3478
Wade’s Takeaway – 333-3286
Tingum Village – 333-2161

Where is the grocery store?

Click Here for the Provision list

We recommend our guests shop at Captain Bob’s Marketplace (242) 333-3628 on Nesbitt Street. Captain Bob’s Marketplace is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and Sunday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. The market offers a full assortment of groceries including Bush Brother’s Meats, Niman Ranch products, gourmet snacks, imported cheeses, ethnic foods; along with dairy and produce imported directly from The United States.

Things To Do

Can you recommend a deep sea fishing charter?

The water in and around Harbour Island are known for some of best deep sea fishing in all of the Caribbean.

We recommend the following charter boat captains:
Devon “Daddy D” Sawyer – (242) 359-7006
Ocean Fox, Jeff Fox – (242) 333-2323
Pedro Davis (242) 470-8177

Where can I rent a boat?

There are many islands and deserted beaches that are accessible via a short boat ride.

We recommend the following boat rental establishments:
Duke (242) – 359-7952
Michael’s Cycles – (242) 333-2384 (also rents bicycles)

Can you recommend a bone fishing guide?

Harbour Island and the surrounding waters are renowned for bone fishing.

We recommend the following as bone fishing guides:
Stuart Cleare – (242) 464-0148
Patrick (242) – 422-9029

Can I snorkel or scuba dive around Harbour Island?

Yes, the Bahamian waters are famous for its aquatic life and coral reefs.

We recommend the following establishments:
Valentine’s Dive Centre – (242) 333-2080
Pedro Davis – (242) 470-8177
Ocean Fox – (242) 333-2323

Where can I rent a Jet Ski, kayak, wake-board, Hobie Cat or Sunfish?

These may be rented from Lil Shan’s Watersports – (242) 333-3532

Where can I do yoga, pilates or have a massage?

There are several instructors on the island.

We recommend the following:
Rachel Kelly (massage) – (242) 470-7104
Comfort Zone (massage) – (242) 551-3628
Anna (Yoga and Pilates) – (242) 551-0061


Who do I call in case of an emergency?

You may call the police station at (242) 333-2111 or call 919. The police station is located in the pink building on Gaol Street.

Is there a clinic or doctor on Harbour Island?

Yes, there is a government clinic located on corner of South and Colebrook Streets; as well as, a doctor and several nurse practitioners who are employed at the government clinic. The Harbour Island Medical Clinic’s number is (242) 333-2250. The government clinic is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. During off hours the on-call medical practitioner’s name and cell phone number will be posted on the clinic’s door.